St.George Orthodox Georgian
Theerthadana Valiyapally
St.George Orthadox Georgian
Theerthadana Valiyapally

About Anchal Achan

Mor Yaunan Kasheesho, popularly known as Anchal Achan, is a saintly monk-priest of Malankara Church who lived in the first half of 19th century. He is a man of prayer and many have received blessings from God through the saint's prayer. The saint was born in Marunthalizhikathu family in Anchal. The exact date of his birth is not known. Based on the available historical resources, it is assumed the saint was born sometime around AD 1770. After getting ordained to the priesthood, Achan was given the charge of Kottarakkara parish. He continued to stay at his home in Anchal and used to travel on barefoot to conduct the liturgical services in his parish. Later he moved to the church compound. He leads a prayerful life and soon people realized the saintliness of Anchal Achan. When he passed away, he was entombed in the altar of Kottarakkara Church. Anchal St.George Orthodox Valiyapally is one of the prominent churches in south Kerala. It gets its name from the spiritual presence of St.George and St. Anchal Achan. Recongnizing the importance of this spiritual place, H.H The Catholicos of East Mor Thoma Baselius Didymus I declared the parish as a Valiyapally [Great Parish] and a Georgian Pilgrim Centre.

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